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B. Braun Apps

B. Braun offers different Medical Apps for physicians, medical students, and other health care professionals that are useful in the hospital, clinic, or for educational use.

Hospital Space

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At B.Braun, we believe in moving together to advance infusion therapy.

Whether it is streamlining the workflow of patients between the OR and the ICU, or the safe infusion of inotropes into a neonate; B.Braun Space infusion pumps offer the flexibility, simplicity and safety you need to further optimize your care.

Navigate through the B.Braun virtual hospital and see for yourself how B.Braun Space infusion pumps

- are ideally suited to the crowded and complex environment in the ICU
- allow for seamless patient transport - even into the MRI environment
- prevent pump bottlenecks with on-board TCI and PCA algorithms
- support clinical therapies from glucose management to chemotherapy
- are the leading solution for integrating infusion pumps into your data infrastructure

Aesculap® OR Integration

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Aesculap® and MAQUET bundle their expertise to jointly offer comprehensive OR integration solutions for endoscopy.

This cooperation will enable customers to control all key parameters for Aesculap endoscopic devices from the central control unit of the OR Integration system TEGRIS® – without the need to make changes at device level.

Simplify workflows and improve efficiency: The exceptionally intuitive user interface supports the processes in the operating room.

Aesculap® Caiman®:

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Advanced Bipolar Seal and Cut Technology – Caiman Seal and Cut instruments feature patented mechanisms which are key to enable high uniform tissue compression and avoid tissue slippage. Excellent vessel sealing quality and simplified tissue positioning in the jaw can be achieved.

Caiman is intended to be used as a multipurpose vessel sealing instrument in laparoscopic and open surgery within the surgical fields of general surgery, gynecology, urology and thoracic surgery. The instruments are utilized for hysterectomy, colectomy, gastrectomy, and much more.

Aesculap® DS-Clips:

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With the DS (double-shank) Clip we provide a new and innovative alternative for laparoscopic appendectomies.

The DS-Clip offers the same reliability as existing options of treatment. But with regard to some established products, the clip can also provide noticeable cost savings for the removal of the appendix.

In addition, we offer with the DS-Clips a new and innovative alternative in the segment of standard Single-Fire Clips. The portfolio consists of the sizes Small – Large, for selective sizes additionally with latch.

Aesculap® AS Advanced Surface:

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Get an overview of a new surface coating for total knee replacement. Learn why the coating reduces abrasion why a 7-layer coating is particularly stable and why it is suitable for metal allergies. The App gives advice for allergy diagnosis and method of treatment for knee replacement candidates with suspicion for metal allergy.

Abdominal Wall Health:

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Did you know that, approximately 10.000.000 procedures are performed annually in Europe and US combining both open abdominal procedures and hernia repair procedures?

Since the complications associated with these surgeries are becoming a top issue for the medical community, in B. Braun, our goal is not only to work on repairing the abdominal wall but also to ensure its functionality and health for patients in a minimal invasive manner.

At B. Braun we take all our efforts towards physicians and patients very seriously. This is the reason why B. Braun is highly committed to the scientific community; so as to promote clinical evidence which prevents complications in abdominal wall surgery. Because in life everybody knows, It’s All about Prevention!

Aesculap® Cardiovascular Instruments:

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Performing Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery to the highest of standards requires talent, expertise and the best in Surgical product technology.
Aesculap offers a wide spectrum of premium quality, innovative products, specific to CVT Surgery. From open to close, Aesculap surgical Instruments provide superior functionality, comfort and consistency which enables the surgeon to perform the most complex and lengthy procedure with confidence and control.

After downloading the app you will have free access to selected chapters. For having access to all information of our Aesculap Surgical Instruments App you have to register you have to register in the Aesculap Cardiovascular Instruments App.

Aesculap® ENT Instruments:

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Aesculap offers a wide ENT spectrum of premium quality, innovative products, specific to ENT surgery. From open to close, Aesculap surgical Instruments provide superior functionality, comfort and consistency which enables the surgeon to perform the most complex and lengthy procedure with confidence and control.

For having access to all information of our Aesculap ENT Instruments App you have to register in the Aesculap ENT Instruments app.

Aesculap® Surgical Instruments:

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The Aesculap brand represents a varied spectrum that intelligently and economically combines high quality products with process-orientated services. Aesculap is a reliable and accepted partner for the entire surgical process in the hospital.
Thus, Aesculap is much more than a supplier of high precision surgical instruments: a partner who listens carefully and contributes ideas, who understands the customer´s needs and requirements and provides for them on a high level.

After downloading the app you will have free access to selected chapters. For having access to all information of our Aesculap Surgical Instruments App you have to register in the Aesculap Surgical Instruments App.

Aesculap® Neuroendoscopy:

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This App for Neuroendoscopy and minimally invasive Neurosurgery will provide you a systematic overview on minimally invasive approaches. It contains three scientific operation manuals on intraventricular, endoscope-assisted and transnasal operation techniques written by renowned international neurosurgeons such as Prof. R. Reisch and Dr. M. Souweidane and further information.

Helsinki Microneurosurgery Basics and Tricks:

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Hernesniemi Aesculap Fellowship 

This app for Microneurosurgery contains the "Helsinki Microneurosurgery Basics and Tricks" which is a unique book about the "Hernesniemi school of neurosurgery" written by Martin Lehecka, Aki Laakso and Juha Hernesniemi. It is introduced by a foreword of Dr. Robert Spetzler.
Additionally this app provides many operative videos and pictures which the book directly refers to and an interesting link to the Hernesniemi-Aescuap Fellowship.

Aesculap® Spinal Fracture Management:

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Concept of Spinal Fracture Management. Surgical techniques for the treatment of thoracolumbar spinal fractures have been refined in the last 10 years. Novel less invasive approach techniques, optimized instruments and advanced implants have improved the possibilities for patients with spinal trauma. Most spinal trauma injuries occur in the thoracolumbar junction.

Aesculap® Spine Cervical:

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Cervical spine surgery is a rapidly developing field of neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology. Degenerative disorders in particular are treated more and more frequently by surgery. There is a variety of methods and implants available. Surgeons have the choice to treat the patient in one or more levels, by anterior or posterior approach and different types of implant systems. Especially the most modern motion preservation technologies are frequently discussed and considered as alternative treatment option.

Aesculap® Spine MIS Thoracolumbar:

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Driven by a demographically but also generally growing demand for less invasive surgical solutions with less morbidity there is a rapid increase in technology that enables surgeons to treat patients with minimally invasive procedures. Our Mission is to improve patient care by advancing the technique and biomechanical aspects of effective minimally invasive spine surgery through intelligent and smart implant and instrumented solutions.


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About 30% of all patients in hospital are undernourished. A large part of these patients are undernourished when admitted to hospital and in the majority of these, undernutrition develops further while in hospital. Although malnutrition is common in chronically ill patients, this issue is often neglected. A simple screening of risk groups and a systematic nutrition therapy of these patients can prevent malnutrition. The App NuTRIscreen includes different screening tools recommended by the ESPEN (European  Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition) guidelines.
The App also included a Short Guide – Clinical Nutrition of the Adult: This is a practical guide about how to support your patients with adequate nutrition. There is a lot more to be found on our nutrition site, www.nutrition-partner.com.
The part Nutrition with Multi-Chamber-Bags contain information about the B. Braun Multi-Chamber bags for parenteral nutrition. According to national laws, only medical professionals (e. g. doctors and pharmacists) are allowed to obtain this information. To enter it for the first time you need a DocCheck password.

B. Braun SGC Tutorial:

link for iPad

link for iPhone

The App introduces you to the practice of glucose control using the B. Braun Space automated infusion system. The tutorial explains the scientific background developing the mathematical algorithm which is the basis of the decision support system.
By means of several case studies in clinical practice you can interactively experience the run of the blood glucose values over time in certain therapies.
The result of the glucose control by the system is clearly demonstrated and explained with scientific comments. Enteral and parenteral nutrition is also considered as well as the Insulin therapy.
In excess of handling the system the user learns about the importance of safe and reproducible stable blood glucose control within a requested target range to improve patient outcome.

RKU Compact RKU:   

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"RKU Compact" is a tutorial on peripheral regional anesthesia. It was developed in cooperation with the Department of  Anesthesiology, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy of the Ulm Rehabilitation Hospital (RKU). It offers the following content:

  • Background and general information about nerve stimulation, medication, sonography, anatomy and methods of application
  • Clearly arranged instructions of the nerve block techniques for upper and lower extremities
  • Dual Guidance: Functional application of the ultrasound guided nerve block techniques

Wound Closure General Catalogue:

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B. Braun has achieved its leading position in the surgery field thanks to its high quality products.
Closure Technologies is one of B. Braun´s most experienced business areas as we are already manufacturing and selling Sutures and other wound closure products since 1908.
Currently we offer a wide range of absorbable sutures, non-absorbable sutures, customized suture sets (Pro-Set) and special suture sets, as well as a full range of meshes and biosurgicals.
The General Catalogue is designed to give you an overview of all products related to the wound closure business.

If you have further comments or suggestions please contact us.


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