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Clinical results

Innovative technology - precise results

Clinical trials [2] reveal a very close correlation between the laboratory-determined blood spKt/V and the spKt/V determined by Adimea.

During a total of 64 treatments, blood was serially taken for urea testing to acquire a determination of the spKt/V from the blood as accurate as possible. The spKt/V value determined by Adimea was recorded at the same time. The comparison of the data reveals, with r = 0.93 – an excellent correlation between the blood Kt/V and the Adimea Kt/V and hence a high degree of accuracy for the method. The measurement error recorded in these trials for the overall determination of the Kt/V is merely 7 %. Adimea – the technical innovation in Kt/V monitoring



[2] Werner, Günthner et al., B. Braun Avitum AG, Melsungen, 2009.