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Safil® Mesh bag

Absorbable mesh bag for organ stabilization and hemostasis

Safil® Mesh bag is a warp-knitted bag made of polyglycolic acid. Through compression of injured organs haemostasis is achieved while the regular blood circulation within the tissue is sustained. In regular cases no additional suture material is necessary. If parenchymatous tissue has to be sutured in severe cases, Safil® Mesh bag offers resistance for the suture material to prevent the thread from cutting or tearing through the tissue. The thin, conformable bag gently modulates to the organs. Its reduced foreign body material helps for minor tissue reaction. Because of the adapted pore size of Safil® Mesh bag it prevents additional injury to parenchymatous organs. Through gently pulling on the holding threads a homogenous adaptation and compression is achieved.

Organ stabilization and hemostasis (compression) in cases of trauma and in operations on different organs:
  • Spleen
  • Kidney
  • Adapted pore size
  • Thin and comfortable
  • Reduced foreign body material
  • Mild tissue reaction
  • Ideal degradation profile
  • Porous mesh structure
  • High anatomic adaptability
  • Low risk of late secondary infections

Clinical Evidence