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Safil® Mesh

Absorbable mesh for temporary wound and organ support

Safil® Mesh is a warp-knitted mesh made of polyglycolic acid. During the wound healing phase the porous structure increases the mechanical load capacity of the supported tissue. Safil® Mesh offers a strong support with a high burst strength. The fine mesh structure may avoid
fluid accumulation and ensures excellent integration into the adjacent tissue. Due to the degradation of the material there is a low risk of late secondary infections.
The elastic and pliable construction of the mesh enables perfect adaptation to the anatomy. An outstanding suture retention allows a secure mesh fixation.

  • Temporary wound and organ support
  • Strengthening the closure of abdominal wall defects or in the chest wall region
  • Strong support
  • Excellent suture retention
  • Homogeneous elongation in horizontal and vertical direction
  • Mild tissue reaction
  • Ideal degradation profile
  • Porous mesh structure
  • High anatomic adaptability
  • Low risk of late secondary infections

Clinical Evidence