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Premilene® Mesh Plug

Polypropylene mesh for plug technique

Premilene® Mesh Plug is a monofilament polypropylene mesh plug designed for the repair of recurrent hernias and can also be used for primary inguinal hernias. The smooth self-expanding plug fills the defect perfectly. The plug adapts optimally to the shape of the defect and the natural anatomy. Premilene® Mesh Plug is a pre-shaped mesh with excellent properties: Rapid healing and tissue penetration, high biocompatibility and stability. It is able to conform to the movements of the patient and the blunt tip avoids any discomfort in the patient.

  • Self-expanding plug
  • Most anatomic 3-D shape
  • Smooth plug design with blunt tip for best patient comfort
  • Exclusive blue center grip
  • Tailorable for better anatomical adaptation
  • Pre-shaped mesh onlay included for modified technique
  • Open groin hernia repair (Rutkow-Robbins technique)

Clinical Evidence