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Practice Suggestions

Safety you can feel and hear

1. Venipuncture
Prior to venipuncture, disinfect the puncture site according to protocol. Hold the needle by its folded wings and start  the insertion at a 10°-20° angle. Flashback will confirm successful venipuncture.

2. Fixation
With unfolded wings, secure the hub of the Venofix® Safety with tape while making sure that the safety mechanism is not hindered.

3. Activation of saftey mechanism
Cover the puncture site with a gauze pad in one hand. With the other hand, activate the safety mechanism by gently pressing the button on top of the device with the index finger. Withdraw the plastic hub and needle with thumb and middle finger back into the housing until a slight snap is felt and an audible “click” is heard.


4. Disposal
Dispose of the used Venofix® Safety in an approved sharps disposal container.