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User Benefits

Sharpen your safety awareness against needlesticks

Advanced Safety …

Venofix® Safety allows for a smooth in-vein activation of its safety feature and offers an integrated finger stopper to prevent the index finger from slipping towards the needle tip. Complete and permanent activation is confirmed when a slight “snap” is felt and the audible “click” is heard.

… Intuitive Handling …

The safety feature of the B. Braun Venofix® Safety is simple, intuitive and does not require any change in venipuncture technique. It can be easily activated with one hand by pressing the button situated on top of the device and pulling the needle backwards into the needle hub until complete activation.

… and Convenience!

The micro-siliconized precision bevel on Venofix® Safety facilitates venipuncture for better patient comfort even for difficult vein conditions. Rapid confirmation of venous access is visible through the transparent hub. The large flexible wings allow convenient handling and fixation.


1 Precision bevel
Micro-siliconized to facilitate needle insertion.
Low penetration force improves patient comfort.

2 Safety feature
Simple and smooth in-vein activation to prevent against the risk of needlestick injuries:
Integrated finger-stopper to avoid slipping toward the needle tip.
Easy one hand activation does not require any change in usual venipuncture technique.
Complete and permanent activation is confirmed when a slight "snap" is felt and the audible "click" is heard.

3 Flexible wings
Large and interlocking, equipped with a special grip to allow firm placement and facilitate venous access.
Very soft and flexible for comfortable stabilization on the patient´s skin.

4 Flashback chamber
Transparent for a quick and easy visualization of blood flashback upon needle insertion.

5 DEHP-free tubing
Flexible and kink-resistant to avoid accidental interruption of the therapy:
Free of DEHP

6 Luer connector
Safe connection with blood collection/infusion equipment.
Equipped with a closing cone ensuring sterility before use.