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Knowledge Development

Expand your knowledge! We offer a broad range of further education courses to our employees.

Personal Development and training
B. Braun has a training strategy which is committed to supporting and developing the individual and collective skills of its employees. 

Being a professional doesn't stop training. The possibility of continuing one's education while working is an essential criterion for an employee's long-term success within B. Braun. It is important to us that our employees are able to continuously develop their competence and further their career.

Specialized development programs have been created in the fields of leadership, products and therapy fields, IT skills, languages, methodical methods and production know-how and contribute to the ongoing development of our workforce.

A systematic and comprehensive planning strategy ensures constant innovation in terms of people development, enabling us to create training that fits B. Braun’s needs and the expectations of our employees.

B. Braun Business School
In 2005 B. Braun founded the "B. Braun Business School”.  The “B. Braun Business School” is the virtual platform centralizing all training offers at B. Braun.  Through continuing qualifications and training of our employees at the B. Braun Business School, the foundation necessary to meet our own high demand for innovation is created out of the organization itself.

Beyond hierarchy and age, the “B. Braun Business School” supports the specialized and personal development of all employees. A wide range of programs allows them to reinforce their key qualifications, their business-oriented knowledge, their language know-how, as well as taking part in further education courses outside of their own specialized area.

Professional career at B. Braun
Human Resources play a proactive role in assisting people in their professional careers. Whatever your background and notion, local or corporate HR professionals and Personnel Development Managers are there to help you find the “right” path.

International Experience
International experience is an important part of the development of our skilled professionals and managerial personnel as well as future managers. In addition to professional abilities, intercultural skills are very important to B. Braun. Foreign Assignment, Delegations, a Trainee Exchange program as well as global staffing of projects help our employees to develop intercultural abilities and skills.

B. Braun Knowledge Center
The B. Braun Knowledge Center (BKC) is our central strategic knowledge platform for and of each employee at B. Braun. The process-oriented company portal offers employees worldwide a wide range of knowledge on the company, products and services. The BKC enables the swift communication of important business topics, along with issues of corporate change and actions.