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'GOOD (2.0)' for Omnitest 3

Stiftung Warentest product test July 2012: B. Braun’s Omnitest 3 blood glucose monitoring system is rated "GOOD (2.0)"

Omnitest 3 blood glucose meter from B. Braun Melsungen AG as “good”. The test involved the evaluation of 16 blood glucose meters with test strips on the basis of various criteria such as accuracy, ease of use and reliability.

In the case of the Omnitest 3, Stiftung Warentest emphasized the system’s high level of measurement accuracy and ease of use as well as its reliable construction assessed on the basis of a drop test from a height of 80 cm. The test also confirmed that Omnitest 3 is not only the fastest system on the market (3 seconds) but that it also requires the smallest blood sample (0.3 microliters). Its automatic coding also played a significant role in the rating.

B. Braun successfully launched Omnitest 3 in June 2010.The Stiftung Warentest rating corroborates those statements made by the company in its advertising for the device. The special features of the Omnitest 3 highlighted by Stiftung Warentest combined with standard functions such as a large LCD display, an acoustic signal and an automatic power-off function, make the device a reliable companion for every diabetes patient.

Omnitest 3 is available either separately or as a set with the Omnilance lancing device in measurement units of mg/dL or mmol/LThe corresponding Omnitest 3 test strips are sold in quantities of 2 x 25 units or 2 x 50 units. As with the Omnitest 3 monitoring system, these can be prescribed to insulin-dependent diabetics free-of-charge by means of accessory prescriptions. The corresponding control solution and the PC interface cable, with which a further analysis of the data can be performed using the DIABASS software, are available separately.

Stiftung Warentest July 2012 test results: “Blood glucose monitoring devices – impressively accurate" (German)

For further information, please visit www.diabetes.bbraun.de
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