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Report from the SCAAR registry: not all drug-eluting balloons are equally effective

With the current clinical evidence, SeQuent Please can be considered as a reasonable alternative to drug-eluting stents for selected patients with coronary artery disease.

Sequent Please

Lund/Sweden. Recently a report from the Swedish SCAAR registry has been published by Dr. Per Bondesson and colleagues from Lund University in the journal Eurointerventions (2012;8:444-449). The Swedish coronary and angioplasty registry (SCAAR) recorded consecutive patient data from all 29 coronary angioplasty performing centres in Sweden. From April 2009, when the first drug-eluting balloon (DEB) was used until September 2011, 43,998 PCI procedures were performed in Sweden. During this period a total of 1,336 DEB were used. The overall incidence of restenosis at six months was 3.4% with SeQuent Please from B. Braun using a contrast agent as carrier, compared to 12.5% with a different DEB.

As a conclusion the authors note: “Our observational study from a large real world population suggests that there are major differences between two clinically available paclitaxel-eluting balloons. The findings furthermore suggest that there are no class effects for drug-eluting balloons and factors other than that the drug may be important for the clinical effect.” In an editorial comment (Eurointerventions, 2012;8:417-421) Dr. Salvatore Cassese from Munich states: “Not all drug-eluting balloons are equally good for patients. These findings provide additional support to the statement included in the European guidelines on myocardial revascularisation that one cannot assume a class effect for all drug-eluting balloons”. SeQuent Please from B. Braun is utilizing a unique matrix coating and is currently the only drug-eluting balloon with a recommendation from the European Society of Cardiology. With the current clinical evidence, SeQuent Please can be considered as a reasonable alternative to drug-eluting stents for selected patients with coronary artery disease; it is the most advanced solution for the treatment of patients with ISR and it represents currently the most promising therapeutic alternative to reduce the number of unnecessary stent implantations.

Dr. Simon Eccleshall, consultant interventional cardiologist at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals (UK), said to the Building Better Healthcare Magazine: “We use Sequent Please for the majority of restenoses – and have used more than 200 balloons with excellent results. This method of treatment became known as DEB-only. It has to be better for the patient if they don’t have pieces of metalwork in them for the rest of their life. Using the drug-eluting balloon where appropriate means you can avoid a permanent implant, treat the narrowing and provide the most-effective drug delivery to stop the vessel renarrowing.”

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