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Our Claim - Sharing Expertise

B. Braun introduced in October 2003 a concept that is intended to guide our corporate activities for the foreseeable future. The core of the concept is the expertise that has taken B. Braun to where it is today in the healthcare market. Expertise is our stock in trade, an asset that we deploy in a goal-directed fashion and add to on a continuous basis. We have learned that our expertise grows when we share it with each other and with our customers.
Sharing Expertise in Human Resource work means sharing and transferring know-how and skills in a process of interaction with employees and business partners. It also means the effective deployment and systematic expansion of that expertise. That is what we promise our employees.

Social responsibility
In the 175-year history of B. Braun we are proud of the close ties we have developed with the regions in which we work and have used this understanding of ourselves firmly in our corporate guidelines: sustainability is one of the main pillars of "Sharing Expertise". This brand value also implies social responsibility – for people, for the environment, and for culture.
B. Braun is responsible for its employees and for the regions in which it is active. This is our understanding of sustainability. This includes environmental protection as well as financial and organizational assistance for artistic, cultural and sporting projects. B. Braun is a partner in Private Public Partnerships and supports universities, doctors and students with grants or through organizing scientific events.

B. Braun for Family
Through continuous improvement and promotion of family-oriented HR policies, B. Braun makes a substantial contribution to a permanent progression of wealth, economic growth and social cohesion.

Based on labor agreements, fully supported by our Management, we offer our employees the possibility to stipulate their profession and family.

In view of our demographic development, it is obvious that Germany and Europe need more children in their families, and more families in their society. Our management specifically supports the aim to balance family life and work.

Professional career at B. Braun
Human Resources play a proactive role in assisting people in their professional careers. Whatever your background and notion, local or corporate HR professionals and Personnel Development Managers are there to help you find the “right” path.

International Experience
International experience is an important part of the development of our skilled professionals and managerial personnel as well as future managers. In addition to professional abilities, intercultural skills are very important to B. Braun. Foreign Assignment, Delegations, a Trainee Exchange program as well as global staffing of projects help our employees to develop intercultural abilities and skills.

B. Braun Knowledge Center
The B. Braun Knowledge Center is our internal strategic knowledge platform. The B. Braun Knowledge Center offers a wide range of B. Braun specific information and knowledge and enables the swift communication of important business topics, along with issues of corporate change and actions. The B. Braun Knowledge Center is available to every employee of the group in order to quickly reach as many employees as possible.


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