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Our Leadership Values

The way we treat each other and how we work together is based on mutual respect, fairness, recognition of achievement as well as open and honest communication.

Our leadership guideline is a mandatory guideline for our managerial staff and encourages amongst others the promotion of equal opportunities, tolerance and respect.
Qualification and commitment
The qualifications and the commitment of our employees is the foundation of the company’s success. To motivate our employees and to support them in accordance to their skills and needs is a major task for any individual with leadership responsibilities.

Openness and fairness
Openness creates trust.
Therefore, we will communicate openly and treat each other fairly across all hierarchy levels.

Tolerance and respect
Tolerance, respect and an understanding of cultural differences are highly valued in our company. We believe that a variety of opinions is a means of achieving the best results.

Performance and flexibility
We expect from our employees outstanding performance, initiative, flexibility and the willingness to take on responsibility. This shall be rewarded by performance-based recognition and compensation.

Equal opportunities and professional development
We believe in the promotion of equal opportunity in professional development for all employees worldwide.

Learning organization and knowledge transfer
We will digitize our business processes and establish a learning organization by means of knowledge transfer and the use of the most advanced communication technologies.

Mutual commitment and teamwork
Our goal to be the leading global Medical Supply Company can only be achieved through mutual commitment and teamwork within our international organization.


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