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Passion for Cardiovascular Surgery

B. Braun has been sharing medical knowledge and expertise with surgeons for more than 100 years. For decades B. Braun has had a clear focus on Cardiovascular Surgery, one of the most demanding surgical specialities.

An increasingly ageing patient population and the more complex cardiac diseases mean more challenging cases in your everyday practice. For that reason, B. Braun is committed to providing you with the highest standard of quality and innovation in surgical products.

B. Braun provides a full range of solutions for Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons and their teams, so that you can achieve optimal results in the surgeries you perform. Optilene® and Premicron® sutures or Aesculap Instruments are widely used throughout the world. However, our offer goes far beyond sutures and instruments as it also includes hemostats, mechanical staplers, sternum saws, vascular grafts, pacing leads and all other kinds of products from the B. Braun range. Our extensive catalogue of products allows us to help you in every phase of the surgery from the very first incision to the last knot that is tied.

Take The Monofilament Advantage of our suture portfolio. The benefits of monofilament sutures have always been appreciated by Cardiac and Vascular Surgeons. For the most representative procedures such as CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) and Vascular Anastomosis  B. Braun recommends Optilene®, our polypropylene monofilament suture with exceptional properties. We also recommend our Steelex® Sternum Set which is designed to offer maximum safety when performing sternal closure.

We want to be a main partner for you and work closer with you everyday. We share with you the passion that you feel for your job. Let’s share expertise and Passion for Cardiovascular Surgery.