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EnduRo Rotating Hinge Knee System

Longevity, mobility and security against dislocation


The innovative EnduRo knee endoprosthesis is a bicondylar linked implant that was developed for the treatment of severe bone defects and insufficiency of the ligamentous apparatus.

The three objectives of the EnduRo knee endoprosthesis system are longevity, mobility and security against dislocation.

Longevity is the first objective of the EnduRo system. The problems associated previously with linked prostheses, due mainly to abrasive wear in the bush bearing and a geometric design which deviates significantly from physiological requirements, are avoided because they can lead to premature loosening and implant failure. The EnduRo knee endoprosthesis system is based on new concepts for biomechanical materials which practically eliminate the mechanisms that cause failure. These new materials are a prerequisite for increasing the longevity of rotational hinge implants to that of tried and tested condylar primary implants.

Mobility is another very important factor for the patient. EnduRo offers ±12° rotation on the vertical axis, a flexion angle of at least 140° which is increased further by the sophisticated lift technology of 3 mm, and a hyperextension of up to 3°, securely limited by an innovative interaction of femur and PE sliding surface design.

Security against dislocation is the third chief advantage. The cone-shaped rotational axis, which is secured in the tibial plateau, is joined to the inner cone of the femoral hinge ring. In addition, a securing nut is affixed which is embedded harmoniously in the design of the hinge ring.

EnduRo Rotating Hinge Knee System
EnduRo Rotating Hinge Knee System

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