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Protection gets everywhere


In addition to traditional skin suturing, surgeons can use a tissue adhesive. The tissue adhesive Histoacryl® consists of monomeric n-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate, which polymerises quickly in
connection with tissue fluid. Histoacryl® is available in two colours: translucent, special for facial application, and blue, which enables an easy control over the quantity applied.
The formation of esophageal and fundal varices is a common and dangerous consequence of portal hypertension. Effective sclerosation of these varices is possible with Histoacryl®. It can be employed for nonbleeding and for bleeding varices. Combined therapy with Histoacryl® and conventional sclerosation therapy is possible.


  • Wound closure in one minute
  • Anti-bacterial barrier protects the wound
  • Storage at room temperature
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Easy-to-use procedure


  • Closure of smooth and fresh skin wounds
  • Non-traumatic mesh fixation in hernia repair
  • Closure of skin in endoscopic incisions
  • Sclerosation therapy of large esophageal and fundal varices


For further information please contact your B. Braun representative or mail to

e-mail: biosurgicals [at] bbraun [dot] com

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    Histoacryl® Topical Skin Adhesive
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    Succesfully glued with Histoacryl®
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    Brochure Histoacryl®
    Protection gets everywhere
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