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Cavafix® MT

Single-lumen catheter set for catheterization of the vena cava according to the catheter-through-cannula technique


Set consists of:

  • Braunüle® MT introducer cannula
  • Single-lumen catheter
    • Made of polyethylene
    • Transparent, three embedded x-ray contrast lines
    • Luer-Lock fitting
    • X-ray detectable stylet
    • Catheter brake
  • Protective catheter sheath
Cavafix® MT
Cavafix® MT
Documents / Links / Videos (4)
  • PDF [3994 KB]
    cvc-partner 1 (6062686)
    Guide for Central Venous Catheterization
  • PDF [1870 KB]
    cvc-partner 2 - 6042589
    Controlling the placement of Central Venous Catheters
  • PDF [1184 KB]
    Cavafix & Alphacard Brochure 6067082
    More certainty, more safety, more success
  • PDF [1193 KB]
    Cavafix Mono Brochure 6067080
    More certainty, more safety, more success
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