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Sharps Disposal Containers


Containers for easy and safe disposal of all kinds of medical sharps


  • Impact and puncture resistant
  • No-touch, twist-off and insertion inlets for all kinds of used needles, cannulae, scalpel blades and medical sharps
  • Easy to operate final lock mechanism
  • Overfill warning by maximum fill line and visible content level
  • Freestanding, ergonomic design


disposal of medical sharps


Medibox sharps containers are complying with international standards


Container and lid made from polypropylene
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    4-click assembly Medibox 3 L and 5 L
    Video for guidance
  • PDF [1320 KB]
    Practitioner Use (Version 2013-07)
    Commitment to safe and efficacious medical treatment
  • PDF [302 KB]
    Technical Data Sheet
  • URL
    Medibox® sharps disposal container in use
  • PDF [375 KB]
    B. Protected - B. Braun
    Medibox® Sharps Disposal Containers
  • PDF [2883 KB]
    Sharps Product Catalogue
    B. Sharp | B. Cost-effective | B. Braun
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