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This year, B. Braun is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its world-renowned surgical division

Who would have thought in 1867 that people who had previously been unable to walk would regain their mobility thanks to artificial joints? That with the help of high-precision micro instruments, virtuoso clips could be placed inside the human brain to prevent life-threatening bleeding there? That doctors would be able to operate three-dimensionally in their patients' bodies with the aid of ultra-modern cameras? Or that surgeons would be able to navigate through the anatomy of their patients in a computer-assisted manner?
The history of surgery is a history of positive border crossing. For 150 years, Aesculap has been pushing forward the dynamics of this acquisition of knowledge with its innovative solutions.

In 1867 the blade smith Gottfried Jetter founded a small workshop for surgical instruments. By doing so, he laid the foundation for today's Aesculap products and the reputation of Tuttlingen as the "world capital of medical technology." Since 1976, Aesculap belongs to the B. Braun Group and is thus part of a family-run group with 58,000 employees in more than 60 countries. Its expertise flows into over 5,000 products as well as complementary services and consulting services. With this portfolio, B. Braun is a competent system provider which develops pioneering solutions for health in close consultation with customers.

"Innovation is an important value of the corporate culture of B. Braun. With the leitmotif "Who would ever have thought ...?", Aesculap shows in its anniversary year that over the last 150 years we have been able to redefine the possibilities in surgery. We see this history as an obligation and responsibility for the future", says Prof. Dr. Hanns-Peter Knaebel, Chairman of the Executive Board of Aesculap AG. And he elaborates: "In view of the fast-paced nature of the markets, it is something extraordinary when innovative power is combined with tradition and confidence. We want to look into the future: new digital technologies, which still open up seemingly unthinkable opportunities today. Together with our partners and customers, we are now looking to develop visions for surgery that will improve the lives and health of people worldwide as innovations."

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