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The smart instrument and tray design combines simplicity and versatility allowing the whole team to individualize the platform specifically to the patients need. Beyond that, the unique combination of Ennovate® instruments and implants allow to tailor the platform based on intra-operative conditions and patient pathologies, enabling to provide the best possible therapy and outcome. 

Ennovate® Instrument Trays

Ennovate® Instrument Trays – SIMPLY SMART

Did you know that on average a maximum of 22 % of all instruments a hospital owns are used in the OR? [1]
Be smart – Ennovate® is a platform that helps you to take advantage of your resources and increase efficiency.

  • Customizable instrument modules reduce the amount of redundant instruments, cutting the number of sterilization units by at least 50 % and decreasing economic burden. [2], [3]
  • Demountable instruments and validated trays improve reprocessing quality by increasing the reliability and results of your processes. [4], [5]
  • Our process optimization solutions support you in unlocking your potentials by achieving a more efficient time management and savings for each reprocessing cycle. [3]
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