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Case Reports

Case Report

Control is Key: Excellent intraoperative control and outstanding flexibility

This Educational Supplement published in the Spinal News International Journal in September 2018 offers deep insights into the biomechanical, technical and system features of the Ennovate® platform. Ennovate® is discussed thoroughly by using the example of two complex spine cases in combination with a profound biomechanical study and healthcare economics research findings. 


International study in 95 spine centers

With the philosophy of one screw, one system, one platform for all processes, the modular Ennovate® platform offers systemic, customized solutions for all indications and techniques, and for all current challenges in the entire OR and hospital workflow. Presenting the results from an international study done in 95 spine centers, this paper published in Spine Journal 2017 examines and acknowledges the systemic solution offered by the Ennovate® platform.

Case Report

Impact of the NSpine Arosa meeting collaboration

Clinical Ennovate® case on complex adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, performed by Bronek Boszczyk and Oded Hershkovich in the Queen´s Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK. The full case was presented during the Nspine Meeting 2018 in Switzerland and also published in Spinal News international in June 2018.

Scientific Papers

Scientific Paper

Micro-CT and micro-FE analysis of pedicle screw fixation under different loading conditions

Anchorage of pedicle screw instrumentation in the elderly spine with poos bone quality remains challenging. In this study, micro finite element models were used to assess the specific influence of screw design and the relative contribution of local bone density to fixation mechanics. The implants discussed were Ennovate® pedicle screws. The very positive outcomes were published in the Journal of Biomechanics in December 2017 and are also available at ELSEVIER. 

Scientific Paper

In silico optimization of a novel pedicle screw design and validation by experimental results 

The aim of this study was to increase the mechanical strength of a pedicle screw by stress optimization of the thread screw design with respect to improve the endurance properties. This scientific paper was written in cooperation with the Ludwig Maximilians University, Clinic for Orthopeadic Surgery, Campus Großhadern in Germany. Findings of this study were presented on the 22nd Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics, July 2016 and also actively fed back into the optimization of the final Ennovate® pedicle screw design.



The Ennovate® Platform as “Best Practice”

Systemic solutions are the future in spine surgery! This article published in Spinal News International in December 2017 point out the advantages of having a modular and customizable platform to meet current challenges in the entire OR and hospital workflow across a broad array of indications.

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