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Life-saving therapy for the patient well-being

The confidence in men and machine has a great importance during the extracorporeal blood treatment. With this form of therapy different clinical pictures can be treated. The therapies are vital, because they, for example in the case of dialysis, replace the kidney function. Our goal is to increase our patients life quality with the help of first-class medical care and high quality products. The basis of our claims is therefore security and reliability.

About B. Braun Avitum

B. Braun Avitum is one of the largest system and service provider for extracorporeal blood treatment. In our global network of more than 300 renal care centers, well-trained doctors and nurses ensure high-quality treatments for our patients. Across our network we offer all relevant dialysis treatment modalities, provide pre-dialysis programs and cooperate with local transplant organizations. Further, patients can leverage on our network’s holiday dialysis program in more than 25 countries worldwide experiencing first hand our globally standardized high level quality of care while they are away from home enjoying their well-earned vacation.

  • All renal care centers are equipped with state of the art technology.

  • We are certified in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality and hold the Good Dialysis Practice certificate.

  • Whether in France, India or South Africa, patients can be sure to be supported and treated in compliance with modern quality guidelines at all times.