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Clinical Nutrition = Enteral Nutrition + Parenteral Nutrition

Transitional feeding regimens of  Enteral Nutrition (EN) and Parenteral Nutrition (PN) bridge the gap between the termination of one feeding modality and the initiation of another, e.g. from total parenteral nutrition to total enteral feeding. This transition should be adapted according to the returning capacity of the gastrointestinal motility or ability of oral intake. Transitional feeding can take many forms. Almost every combination of feeding routes (oral, enteral, parenteral) is possible. The transition phase can take days, month or even years, depending on the underlying disorder of the patient.

It is fundamental that nutritional care is based on each patient's individual nutritional requirements and preferences. Any patient who is undernourished or at risk for undernutrition should have a nutritional care plan.
The integrated concept of nutritional support offered by B. Braun – enteral and parenteral nutrition going hand in hand – creates a solid platform for different kinds of nutritional treatments, allowing health care specialists to choose from a wide product range to meet the fundamental requirements of the body.