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New oral nutritional supplements to meet the needs of patients

User benefits:

  • The Nutricomp® Drink range (except Nutricomp® Drink Fruity) are nutritionally complete formulas containing essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They can be used as supplementary or complete nutrition.
  • Suitable for oral or tube feeding as the bottle connects to a wide neck adaptor of any giving set.
  • The new bottle design provides an excellent grip, easy opening and peeling off peel seam.
  • Nutricomp Drink® is best served chilled or can be heated shortly in the microwave (max. 60°C); for a warm serving (especially suitable for Nutricomp® Soup).
  • Nutricomp® (tube feeds and oral nutritional supplements) are gluten free and low in lactose.

New oral nutritional supplements providing choice and flexibility

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