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Your access to enteral and parenteral nutrition in one step.

B. Braun is unique with its comprehensive portfolio of products for the pharmaceutical and the medical sides of Clinical Nutrition.

In the pharmaceutical area, B. Braun provides a full selection of both parenteral and enteral nutrition products.

In the medical equipment area, B. Braun offers all the medical devices and the delivery sets necessary for clinical nutrition, thus supporting customers with an integrated approach for the entire CN process.


4 applications in 1: The NuTRIsuite App is a collection of four applications that bring the Clinical Nutrition (CN) concept to caregivers and nutrition users to support better use of the full range of CN products and techniques.

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The NuTRIslide application helps with the selection of products from B. Braun’s comprehensive Clinical Nutrition portfolio.


The NuTRIcon application is a system configurator for enteral nutrition and show’s the fluid and delivery setting.


The NuTRIchoice application is an interactive learning tool presenting examples of key Clinical Nutrition algorithm.


The NuTRImenu application is a dessert cookbook featuring ingredients from B. Braun's enteral nutrition portfolio.


About 30% of all patients in hospital are undernourished. A large part of these patients are undernourished when admitted to hospital and in the majority of these, undernutrition develops further while in hospital.1

Although malnutrition is common in chronically ill patients, this issue is often neglected. A simple screening of risk groups and a systematic nutrition therapy of these patients can prevent malnutrition. Therefore, the determination of the nutritional status should be part of each physical examination in order to identify risk patients, to evaluate their risk and to define an individual nutrition therapy.
Accurate treatment starts when the risk factor of malnutrition is identified, and should be ideally done on a regular basis.
Therefore screening tools e.g. ‘MUST’, NRS or SGA have been developed in the past and help to rapidly identify patients at risk of malnutrition and support an appropriate nutrition therapy as part of the whole therapy.

1McWhirter J P, Pennington C R. Incidence and recognition of malnutrition in hospital. BMJ 1994; 308: 945–948

B. Braun Melsungen AG has created an App which provides such screening tools, titled "NuTRIscreen App". This app enables an easy evaluation of malnutrition of patients at the bed side, and is available for download at the AppStore.

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