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As good as new – Protect value, in the long term and sustainably

The value of the equipment used in an operating theater is often underestimated. The same applies for the stresses and strains that surgical instruments, for example, are exposed to every day.
Despite the use of high quality materials, frequent cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and use in the OR often lead to unnoticed but constant wear and tear and therefore to a gradual loss of value.
Correct use, preparation and care of the equipment slows the process significantly. If this is supplemented by regular and correct inspections by the hospital staff as part of everyday clinical routine, the level of wear can be detected and counterbalanced by a specialist repair. *)
Gradual wear and tear without countermeasures can however lead to irreparable damage to the equipment. This leads to high reinvestment costs.

Rongeur forceps before and after repair. 

Regular maintenance counteracts the loss of value and is an investment that very often costs a lot less than the real loss. In this way, expensive replacement can be delayed for years.

*) Experience based on inventory inspections carried out at hospitals with and without value preservation contracts (internal data).