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Our pledge: to proactive repair – Not just to restore functionality

Initially, high quality materials are used, such as extremely corrosion-resistant steel selected especially for use in the OR, modern plastics that withstand constant stresses, or particularly robust and light metals, such as titanium, for our surgical motor systems.
As a result, we produce top quality medical devices at Aesculap. The aim of our maintenance services is to counteract wear and tear or to prevent it from occurring. We have the same high Aesculap requirements as our production sites.
Simply making a product functional again is not good enough for us. Maintenance is always done in a way that protects the material, ensures model consistency and is proactive. Surface treatment is part of this process for us for hygienic reasons.
At the ATS we are happy to see our products again regularly and be able to repair them. For us, longevity is a sign of our quality requirements in action and represents sustainable economies.

Servicing is always a good and worthwhile investment for high quality products for years to come.