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The presence of biofilm is reportedly present in 60-100% of non-healing wounds (WUWHS Biofilm Position Paper, 2016). While the role that biofilm plays in the chronicity of wounds is still not fully investigated, it is becoming widely accepted that hard-to-heal wounds contain biofilm - and somehow its presence delays or prevents healing. 

Therefore the management of biofilm in chronic wounds is rapidly becoming a primary object of wound care. 

Biofilm - a major issue in wound healing

NEW: Biofilm Position Paper

Wounds Internatonal elaborated this position document in collaboration with the World Union of Wound Healing Societies (WUWHS). In this paper leading clinicians look at the role biofilm plays in delayed wound healing, the management of biofilm in practice as well as the understanding of these bacterial communities.

Latest Publication

Description Document Link
Biofilm Position Paper Published by Wounds International at the WUWHS Congress 2016
pdf (918.3 KB)
Biofilm made easy Published by Wounds International
pdf (340.5 KB)

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