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Laparoscopic, monopolar, reusable instruments

The trend towards smaller access which is even more minimally invasive is still not complete. For particularly sensitive and fine structures or for diagnostic operations, there is an increasing demand by the user for miniaturized instruments. These customer requirements are encountered in the areas of abdominal surgery, gynaecology, urology and, more recently, peadiatric indications.

And of course the user wants to retain the existing requirements of endoscopic instruments. The Aesculap AdTec® mini line was designed for this purpose. This line with an instrument diameter of 3.5 mm, is the logical development and implementation of minimal invasive access.


  • Cost-effective for upgrades or replacements
  • Quick and easy assembly of handle and shaft
  • Fatigue-free working
  • Tissue or suture does not get caught in the joints
  • Easy to use instruments
  • Improved patient and user safety due to PEEK insulation
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio


  • Functionality: The components have been designed to fit the surgeon's hand, guaranteeing a comfortable and convenient experience.
  • Safety. The instruments can be easily disassembled, supporting patient safety and meet today’s decontamination requirements.
  • Reliability: An innovative mechanism facilitates safe handling, controlled transmission of force and durability.
  • Service. Providing a comprehensive service and offering cost-efficient replacement of individual components is central to our philosophy.


  • Laparoscopic surgeries