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Needle holders with axial handle for laparoscopic surgery

With these needle holders AESCULAP® offers a range of instruments specially developed for suturing and knotting. The axial handle allows the instruments to be rotated very easily. The integrated overload protection reduces damage to the needle holder and needle.

  • Specific grip on curved and straight needles; grip on the suture thread.
  • Integrated overload protection allows holding course
    needles as reliably as fine ones.
  • Ergonomic working posture through axial handle design.
    The axial arrangement allows holding the instrument in
    any position.
  • Simple lock with just two fixed positions following the
    push ballpoint principle. The needle can thus be gripped
    with the lock either engaged or released.
  • Facilitated suturing and knotting through mutually corresponding instrument combinations.
  • Versatile needle holders available in different diameters and lengths.
  • All DUROGRIP needle holders with tungsten carbide inserts in jaw parts.