Askina® Cavity Strips

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Hydrophilic foam dressings

Askina® Cavity Strips are made of the same foam material as Askina® Foam, without the polyurethane backing. Their specific shape, high absorption capacity and resistance make them ideal for dressing small wound sinuses.


  • Excellent fluid handling characteristics
  • Cost efficient: no need for frequent dressing changes
  • Enhances a moist wound environment
  • No adherence to the wound; atraumatic dressing changes
  • Visual control of exudate absorption
  • Does not leave pressure marks when used under compression therapy


Askina® Cavity Strips is contraindicated for ulcers resulting from infections, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, deep fungal infections bites or third degree burns. In case of infections with inflammatory signs (temperature, oedema, redness, pain) contact proper medical authority. Resume of Askina® Cavity Strips when normal healing conditions are present again. Do not use if package is damaged or open.


Small cavity wounds, moderately to highly exuding, and wound sinuses

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Ordering information:

Askina® Foam Size Pieces/box Article number
Askina® Cavity Strips 2.5 cm x 40 cm 10 7246010