Askina cohesive fixation bandage, non-latex

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cohesive elastic fixation bandage with micropoint polyacrylate adhesive coating, without latex

Askina cohesive fixation bandage has elastic properties und is free of latex. The bandage adheres only to itself, but not to the skin. It prevents allergies caused by latex and increases the well-being of the patient.

A polyacrylate adhesive is sprayed on one side, giving the bandage its cohesive properties. Its fluffy and wide-meshed material guarantees a comfortable fit.

Thus offers all advantages of a conventional cohesive fixation bandage without a risk of a latex allergy.

Range of Application

for all kinds of fixation bandages, lightly fixing and supporting bandages, especially for body parts performing strong movement


  • Particularly smooth elastic bandage
  • Vohesive – it adheres to itself
  • Fluffy, wide-meshed air permeable material
  • Smooth material, no impairment of movement
  • No skin irritation
  • Latex free – reduces the risk of latex allergies
  • White colour


30 % viscose, 30 % polyamide and 40 % cotton micro-selective polyacrylate adhesive coat on one side, without latex