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Hydrophilic foam dressings

Askina® Foam Sacrum is a  hydrophilic foam dressing made of a polyurethane foam wound contact surface with high absorption capacity and a vapour permeable, water and bacteria resistant polyurethane film outer layer, which extends beyond the perimeter of the foam to form an adhesive border.
Askina® Foam Sacrum has a triangular shape, well suited for sacral area. It is also suitable for the prevention of skin damages due to incontinence or pressure.


  • Specially adapted for difficult-to-dress areas
  • Excellent absorption and retention capacity
  • Balanced adhesive formula: easy application, atraumatic removal
  • Comfortable outer layer, highly permeable for air and water vapour
  • Visual control of exudate absorption
  • Good protection against friction and shear stress


  • Askina® Foam Sacrum is contraindicated for ulcers resulting from infections, such as tuberculosis, syphilis, deep fungal infections bites or third degree burns.
  • In case of infections with inflammatory signs (temperature, oedema, redness, pain) contact proper medical authority. Resume the use of Askina® Foam Sacrum when normal healing conditions are present again.
  • Do not use if package is damaged or open.


Moderately exuding wounds located on the sacral area

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Ordering information:

Askina® Foam Sacrum Size Pcs/Pack Article Number

18 cm x 20 cm

14 cm x 16 cm

5 7228205

Askina® Foam Sacrum used on the sacrum pressure ulcer