Askina® PICC Universal

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Catheter securement device

Askina® PICC Universal is a sterile catheter stabilization device which can hold and secure a variety of catheter tube sizes and shapes. It has a uniquely shaped foam insert which conforms to the shape of various catheter hubs and locks the tube securely in place. The hook and loop system is easy to position and adjust as needed.


  • Breathable, soft and fl exible material
  • Gentle adhesive: hypoallergenic and latex-free, not irritating to the skin
  • Reduced risk of accidental pull-off by use of adapted foam insert
  • Lower risk of complication compared to other methods of fixation*:
    • Better fi xation than tapes: lower risk of dislocation and migration of the catheter
    • Lower risk of infection and less traumatic compared to fixation by sutures

*Infusion Nursing Standard of Practice for catheter stabilization; J. Infus. Nursing 2006: 29(IS):S1-S92


Short to long term securement of all types of PICC tubing.