Coroflex® Blue Neo

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Cobalt-Chromium bare metal stent with ultra thin struts

Coroflex® Blue Neo is an innovative coronary stent system for excellent clinical outcome. The extremely flexible stent combines material benefits of the cobalt chromium alloy with an intelligent stent design. With only 60 µm strut thickness Coroflex® Blue Neo is currently one of the leading stents on the market. The low profile and the ultra thin struts are important factors for a reduced restenosis rate (s. STEREO-studies). Coroflex® Blue Neo provides a controlled and precise stent delivery and implantation even in very torturous vessels.


  • Coroflex® Blue Neo combines high flexibility with smooth deliverability
  • Innovative New Stent Design with only 60 µm strut thickness
  • Thinner struts for unique flexibility and optimal Stent-to-wall apposition
  • Revised strut width for more radial support

Solution Oriented Angioplasty

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