Right heart catheter

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Corodyn right heart catheters for the measurement of haemodynmic pressure

Thermodilution catheter for the measurement of haemodynmic pressure and cardiac output.

Product range Corodyn

  • Corodyn P1 (balloon floatation catheter with one distal lumen)
  • Corodyn P2 (balloon floatation catheter with two lumina for simultaneous pressure measurement and injection of medication)
  • Corodyn TD (4-lumen-thermodilution catheter with one lumen for the injection of a cold bolus and a distal lumen for pressure measurement)
  • Corodyn TDI (5-lumen-thermodilution catheter with an additional lumen for simultaneous pressure measurement, i.e. infusion and administration of medication)
  • Corodyn touch free versions (catheter with pre-mounted touch free contamination guard)
  • Catheters made of PUR
  • Available in French sizes F5 – F7.5

Features Corodyn P and TD

  • Catheter length 110 cm
  • Length marks in 100 mm intervals from the catheter tip for exact catheter positioning
  • Radio-opaque

Features TD and TDI

  • Thermistor 3.5 cm from catheter tip
  • 3-pin plug connector for all standard computers and patient monitors

Advantages Corodyn

  • Easy handling and safe insertion
  • Excellent pressure transmission