Uni-Graft® W SINUS

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Impregnated woven polyester vascular prosthesis

Aortic root replacement with a valve-containing conduit is a routine surgery in case of aortic root aneurysm. Reimplantation technique according to David or remodelling technique according to Yacoub can be an attractive alternative solution to preserve the human aortic valve. Thereby the aortic root tissue is resected and afterwards replaced by a Uni-Graft® W Sinus prosthesis. These reconstruction techniques have the advantage of a non permanent anticoagulation therapy.


  • Anatomically shaped and with a natural drop design
  • Ability to use mechanical or biological aortic valves
  • Woven in one piece for unlimited cutting options
  • Three guidelines for better orientation and easier commissure fixation
  • Biocompatible gelatine impregnation
  • Zero porosity at the time of implantation
  • An outer velour surface increases prosthesis incorporaton
  • A smooth inner surface enhances the hemodynamic blood flow
  • Non-pleated area for accurate prosthesis fixation
  • Normally no permanent anticoagulation therapy is required