VenaTech™ LP

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For permanent implantation

Long-term protection against:

  • Recurrent pulmonary embolism
  • Perforation of the Vena Cava wall
  • Filter migration

Optimized implantation procedure

  • For femoral, jugular, subclavian or brachial approach, you always have the right system available.
  • Change the access site, even in mid-procedure, and choose the best access without changing the filter system.
  • Each filter cartridge is uniquely marked and designed to prevent misloading of the filter into the introducer sheath.
  • VenaTech LP has self centering, stabilizing legs which avoid a filter tilting during the implantation and eliminate the possibility of perforation.

Optimal filtration

  • VenaTech LP has patented stabilizing legs with securing hooks which were designed and calibrated to prevent any migration while maintaining the integrity of the vena cava wall.