AtRactor Atraumatic Retraction System

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The median access for cardiothoracic surgery

The Aesculap AtRactor Retraction System is a modular, flexible and universal sternum retraction system for all open median sternotomy – applicable for surgeries with and without heart-lung-machine.


  • V-shaped retractor shanks fits perfect to the anatomical structure of the patient – reduce rib fractures
  • One for all retractor for open median sternotomy (Bypass Surgery and Heart Valve Surgery)
  • Rotating blades are flexibly adapted to the ribs in the opening process – reduce traumatisation of the tissue and bone structure
  • Detachable crank allows more space during preparation
  • Atraumatic Mammaria preparation – through derivation of the pressure from the sternum bone to the OR table
  • Suture Holder Inserts enables an excellent fixation of the suture material


  • One for all retractor
  • Interchangeable blades – curved or straight
  • Seven different hooks for heart valve surgery
  • Possibility of fixation of OPCAB accessories


In addition to the AtRactor Retraction System Aesculap offers a multiplicity of other sternum retractors for adults and children – in stainless steel or aluminum. Lateral retractors can be found under the chapter minimally invasive heart valve surgery and rib retractors.