Excia® Hip Stem System

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Less invasive. Modern hip replacement.

Excia® straight stems are designed for implant longevity with or without bone cement – with standard or high offset – suitable for all less invasive surgical hip approaches. The 8/10 mm trunnion allows a wide range of hip motion. The Excia® portfolio is complemented by the Excia® hip stems with a 12/14 mm taper.

Cementless design
Excia® stem design from titanium alloy with distal guided fitting and proximal flanges and trochanteric wing for mechanical stability. Proximal fixation with Plasmapore®coating.

Cemented design
Excia® wingless stem design from Cobalt Chrome alloy preserves bone near the trochanter. The flanges ensure a good proximal fit within the cement mantle.Good stem alignment is supported by the distal centralizer.

Plasmapore® surface
The cementless Excia® features a proximal rough Plasmapore® titanium micro-porous coating. On the Excia® 8/10 an additional 20 µm calcium phosphate layer is applied electrochemically. This thin layer has an osteoconductive effect and accelerates contact between the bone and the prosthesis stem.

The Excia® implantation instruments support all less invasive surgical approaches to the hip joint. The wing rasp is used in the final step of the cementless implantation only and preserves the greater trochanter.