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Soft tissue and muscle preserving surgery

More and more frequently hip arthroplasty is related to minimally and less invasive techniques to approach the hip joint. These techniques enable the patient to regenerate and return to work faster with less pain, less blood loss,fewer complications and problems withwound healing, as well asbetter cosmetic results.

Method of treatment
The optimized surgeries of the hip joint are realized by a soft tissue and a muscle sparing treatment with special and improved instruments. Less blood transfusion and an optimal anesthesia complete the patient’s therapy. Navigation technology realizes accurate implant positioning and supplements the complete intraoperative procedure through the small skin incision.

Instrument features
The MIOS® hip retractors are characterized by standardized shapes and instrument lengths. Especially the tissue sparing large, contoured surface reduces the load of the muscles. Instruments with adapted bend angles and a clearly arranged range of tip shapes support the surgeon in all established approaches to the hip joint.

Instrument bend angles
The MIOS® hip retractors are available withbend angles of 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°. The more curved instruments are primarily for the exposure of the acetabulum, the lighter curved ones for the exposure of the femur. The lighter curved retractors are also used for heavy patients. The different tips of the MIOS® hip retractors are available with the appropriate bend angles.

Implantat specific instruments
The MIOS® hip retractors are complemented by specialized instruments for the Aesculap endoprothesis systems. Curved handles for acetabular reamers, a curvedacetabular cupimpactor, optimized handles for Aesculap hip stem instruments as well as instruments for OrthoPilot® hip navigation support the surgeon in less invasive and standard approaches.