Titanium Micro Instruments

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A new dimension for the ambitious surgeon

The extremely light titanium material is an advantage for lengthy cardiac and vascular operations, the non-magnetic material making work with particularly fine needles easier for you.


  • Non-reflecting due to absorption of OR-light
  • Fatigue-free working due to Aesculap Golfball-Design and minimal weight
  • Exceptional grasping of needles as result of DIADUST® coating
  • Fast identification with Aesculap Color Code


  • Forceps with different tips: ring tip, platform tip or DeBakey Toothing
  • Needleholders with and without catch
  • For sutures 5/0 and smaller or 7/0 and smaller


Titanium micro instruments are available as needleholders and forceps in different designs and in three lengths – 185 mm, 210 mm and 230 mm.