TrendHip® Hip Stem System

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Traditional hip replacement

The TrendHip® design concept combines the traditional features of a straight tapered and fully surface coated cementless hip stem.
The cementless rectangular self-locking stem enables a reliable primary stable implant position and a direct secondary periprosthetic bone contact to the hydroxylapatite coated surface. The implant range is available for standard and lateralized offset stems (+6mm). The TrendHip® triple tapered shape additionally supports the implant positioning inside the femoral cavity.

Design cementless
For the cementless TrendHip® stem medial and horizontal grooves increase the bone contact area and axial implant stabilisation. The hydroxylapatite surface is a combined double layer of a rough titanium plasmaspray coating in the proximal stem part with decreasing thickness in the mid third stem section and smooth coating distally.

Design cemented
The cemented TrendHip® stem is a rectangular self-locking straight polished hip stem. It is triple tapered and produced from polished stainless steel. TrendHip® cemented stems are available as standard and lateralized offset versions (+6mm).
Cemented TrendHip® stems require a nominal thickness of cement mantle which can be influenced by the rasp and the implant size selection. The rasp size corresponds to the respective implant size.

Acetabular Components
TrendHip® hip stems are available with 12/14 tapers for modular heads. TrendHip® can be combined with Bipolar Cups or cemented and cementless acetabular implants for total hip arthroplasty. Aesculap acetabular systems Plasmacup® or Plasmafit® offer a 36 mm large head articulation with ceramic Biolox® delta components or Vitelene® (highly crosslinked polyethylene with vitamin E).