Trilliance® Hip Stem System

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Triple tapered. Polished.

The Trilliance® hip stem is designed for cemented implantation. The design features are based on the third generation of straight polished hip stems. The polished Trilliance® hip stems are triple tapered and produced from forged CoCr alloy. Trilliance® implants provide a linear increasing lateralization by implant size. The CCD is 135 deg. Trilliance® implant size parameters increase proportionally by size. The mechanical strength of the design features is proven by mechanical fatigue testing. The nominal thickness of the Trilliance® cement mantle can be influenced by the rasp and implant size selection. Rasp and implant measurements are equal. The fully teethed rasps provide an additional length of 5 mm to include the position of the optional modular distal centralizer. The Trilliance® distal centralizers are dedicated to each implant size and are produced from PMMA. The cap type design allows a safe axial stem setting within the cement mantle.

The basic principle of hip implant fixation with bone cement is based on the long-term mechanical integrity of the bone cement layer between implant and bone. The success of cemented hip replacement depends on the mechanical properties of bone cement, sufficient thickness of the cement mantle, cement penetration into the bone and the accurate method of surgical cement application. Since the beginning of cemented hip replacementthe use ofpolished implant surfaces to reduce mechanical load and stress transfer to the bone cement has been another option. The design philosophy of polished hip stems aims towards a minimization of cement damage. Tapered surfaces and the absence of a collar allow the hip stem to subside within the cement mantle, maintaining a compressive load transfer between prosthesis and cement and also between the cement and bone interface.

Trilliance® hip stems are available with 8/10 or 12/14 tapers for modular heads. Trilliance® can be combined with Bipolar Cups or cemented and cementless acetabular implants for total hip arthroplasty.