Titanium Ligation Clips and Appliers for Cardiac Surgery

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The clip appliers in conjunction with the proven Aesculap Titanium Ligation Clips, a reliable combination!


  • Diamond-shaped inner clip profile provides an enlarged contact surface
  • The special closing characteristic of the clip allows repositioning of the clip and reduces the risk of undesirable tissue slippage out of the clip
  • The clip appliers offer a high stability and a strong clip hold
  • Narrow delicate instrument tips for an outstanding overview


  • Small and micro clip available
  • Special soft load clip cartridge for easy clip release
  • Indentations on the cartridge sides for comfortable handling
  • Adhesive surface on the cartridge for a strong hold in every position
  • Colour coding for easy identification of suitable clip appliers and cartridges
  • A suitable clip applier for every indication
    • 150 mm, 203 mm and 280 mm instrument lengths
    • 25°, 65° and 90° jaw angulation