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  • The Taste of Freedom

    Marek Lichota not only has an appetite for life, he also loves the taste of freedom. Especially when he travels to foreign countries with his family and gets close to nature by cycling or swimming.

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  • Where we stumble there lies our treasure

    A wise man once said: where we stumble there lies our treasure.* Or, in other words – when we risk leaving the solid ground of our comfort zone, there is much to be gained. Is this true?

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  • How Kateřina surpassed the men and Zdeněk got a new wife

    On August 12th, 2012, Kateřina Antošová is standing on a ladder in her garden and picking pears. At this time, she is 47 years old, a happily married mother of three boys, a sports enthusiast and a career woman. Today she’s still the same despite how much her life changed within seconds on that day in August: a branch broke, she fell from four meters high and injured her spine. Since then, she has been paralyzed from the waist down.

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