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  • On feeling home, happy and healthy

    Barb from Eagle Grove, Iowa is the face of this year’s Annual Report. She has something essential in common with B. Braun.

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  • Kidneys: Astonishingly unnoticeable

    A person can lose up to 90% of their kidney function before experiencing any symptoms. Only when typical signs such as swollen ankles, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and decreased appetite show up do they notice that something is wrong*.

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  • When sharing saves lives

    Long before she completed her medical studies and took the Hippocratic Oath, she was obsessed with protecting the lives and health of people. Not only through her work as a physician, but with something she just shared. Her blood. The 31-year-old has now donated blood 41 times; to small babies, to mothers during childbirth or to seriously injured accident victims. That is exactly why she was honored by the city authorities with a merit award this year. But how did she start donating blood, and what was her motivation?

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