Milestones in
Extracorporeal Blood Treatment

Purifying blood to save lives

Blood purification has always been an extremely complicated branch of medicine. After the breakthrough in clinical dialysis in the 1950s, B. Braun invested in the latest technology and started as a supplier for extracorporeal blood treatment. This filtration procedure is used to remove many toxins from the blood. At the end of the 1960s, the company began to manufacture its own dialysis machines in cooperation with FRABA.

New machine generations followed, and their use brought a constant increase in patient safety. Machines became significantly more user-friendly with the advent of digitized dialysis in the 1980s. B. Braun has been running dialysis centers since the early 1990s, the first of which was opened in Budapest, Hungary, in 1991. After the turn of the millennium, networked systems meant that a dialysis patient’s entire treatment process could now be controlled and documented. B. Braun Avitum has had global success as a full-service supplier for extracorporeal blood treatment since 2008, and now runs more than 360 renal care centers.