Surgery Museum

The importance of the museum

Aesculap sees the Surgery Museum Asclepius as a medium for directly experiencing the history of medical technology, using illustrations from the company’s own development. In accordance with the company’s philosophy, the Museum provides another building block along the way to a learning organisation. As such it is a valuable addition to the work of the Aesculap Academy, which is dedicated to promoting ongoing exchange between scientific medical research, medical practice and innovation in medical technology. Combining an appreciation for tradition with a rigorous commitment to continuous improvement in human medical care is absolutely fundamental to Aesculap’s company culture.

The way forward can frequently be found by going back and retracing paths already trod, and by recognising that the successes and failures of past eras can serve as lessons for the future.

The Museum from Aesculap
Surgery Museum Asclepius
Bahnhofstraße 137
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