Surgery Museum

From the Greek Asclepius to the Roman Aesculapius

A museum is created

Aesculap had already created a smaller museum in the company's administration building in 1979, but this had to be closed in 1992 owing to pressure on space. In 2001, a worthy location for the Surgery Museum Asclepius was found in the former Aesculap post building. The architectural style of this building, which dates from 1905/06, reflects the transition from the "Gründerzeit" era – the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany after 1871 – to Jugendstil or art nouveau at the turn of the century. It thus recalls the first boom period of the company and retains an aura of the pioneering business spirit of the Wilhelminian Empire from which Aesculap emerged. 

The Asclepius Surgery Museum is divided into three sections. One is dedicated to the general history of surgery, the second contains a comprehensive collection of surgical instruments illustrating the importance of Aesculap as a manufacturer of medical technology products, and the third records the history of the company from its foundation in 1867.

The exhibition is arranged over three floors with a total area of 540 m2.

The Museum from Aesculap
Surgery Museum Asclepius
Bahnhofstraße 137
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