Surgery Museum

Much of the collection is housed in floor-to-ceiling showcases specially designed for the museum.

An unprecedented collection

However, the centre of attention in this part of the museum is the modern instrumentation used in individual surgical disciplines, ranging from neurosurgery, ENT and ophthamology and encompassing general surgery, endoscopy, anatomy and physiology, through to gynaecology and obstetrics. Orthopaedic prosthetics and trauma products are displayed in an adjacent room. A special room is dedicated to dental and the formerly important production of syringes.

Unusual products on the original puzzle wall. The solutions can be found under the flaps.

The last stop in the museum tour brings together the important written testaments to the company's history: pattern books, catalogues, valuable monographs and bibliophile editions from Aesculap's library. An the "Authors' Cabinet" also lists the achievements of famous surgeons who have lent their names to important and well-known instruments.

As a final point of interest, the visitor can test his or her specialist knowledge in trying to identify unusual products on the original puzzle wall.

The Museum from Aesculap
Surgery Museum Asclepius
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